Major investments in improved municipal water treatment

Resource Efficient water treatment is a key issue in Sweden and in many parts of Europe. EU is investing 50 million Swedish crowns in the R3 Water project, in order to find innovative solutions for improved municipal water treatment. Hammarby sjöstadsverk, located in Stockholm, is one of the places where new technologies are being developed and tested.

In addition to various treatment methods to save energy and find better control system, the project will develop techniques for better recycling of wastewater and the recovery of valuables in the wastewater, such as nutrients. The project name, R3, refers to the three main fields of the project - recycling of water, increased resource efficiency in the cleaning process and the recovery of valuables (Reuse, Resource efficiency and Recovery). The goal is that today's energy-consuming treatment plants in the future instead will be able to produce energy. The wastewater should also be seen as a resource from which one can extract important and useful nutrients that can be returned to circulation.  

The focus of the project is to develop and test innovative solutions from small and medium enterprises, with the purpose of facilitate market introductions of those in Europe and on an international market. The different techniques will be demonstrated at three different locations in Spain, Belgium and Sweden, at Hammarby sjöstadsverk. The consortium includes a total of twelve partners. The other Swedish partner, in addition to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, is Aqua-Q, a company that develops new technologies for online analysis of water.

R3 Water coordinated by IVL and has a total budget of around EUR 7.7 million, almost 70 million Swedish crowns, distributed over about three and a half years.

Project facts

R3 Water - major investments in improved municipal water treatment

Partners: 12