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Chemical screening in wastewater network to support upstream work

IVL has been commissioned by SVU (Swedish Water Development Agency) to improve our understanding of micropollutants spread by various activities linked to the wastewater network. A special initiative is also under way to quantify PFAS substances.

Sampling will be carried out in wastewater networks at four different sites in Sweden. The sampling sites are selected to be dominated as much as possible by either industrial activities, healthcare, apartment buildings or shopping centres.

A chemical screening of a large number of organic substances will be conducted in these samples, and the pattern of substances in the wastewater will be compared, to see if one can find similarities or differences, depending on the activities associated with the wastewater network. Also, a special initiative will be carried out, to quantify PFASs and metals in the different samples, in order to generate more information on these types of substances.

The first step is to prioritize the substances to be screened for in the wastewater. This prioritization is based on what has previously been found in wastewater in various projects in Europe, and on priority lists developed by authorities. The software of the analysing instrument will then automatically search for these substances in the samples taken. A risk classification of the substances will also be performed.

Being able to determine which types of activities contribute larger or smaller amounts of different types of pollutants to what ultimately reaches the treatment plant is important for prioritizing upstream work. It can also provide information on future requirements for treatment plants.

Project facts

  • Chemical screening in wastewater network to support upstream work
  • Funding body: Swedish Water Development Agency (SVU)
  • Partner: SVOA, Mälarenergi vatten, Käppalaförbundet, MSVA, Uppsala Vatten, RISE
  • Budget: 1 747 680 SEK
  • Period: 2023 - 2024


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