Chemicals are everywhere

We work for a sustainable production and use of chemicals.

How to control and review chemicals

Chemicals are part of our welfare society. Every day new chemicals are being registered. For many of these, there is a lack of knowledge about how they affect human health and the environment. We work to better control the steady flow of chemicals in our environment and ensure sustainable production and use of chemical substances.

Characterization, screening and reporting

We review and investigate the use of chemicals in relation to current legislation and EU directives and measure and analyze a large number of substances in, among other things, air and water. Our team consists of ecotoxicologists, analytical chemists and geoscientists.

We perform characterization of industrial emissions, large-scale screenings and also regularly report national emission data of various chemicals on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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Last updated: 2021-11-29

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

About IVL

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has a wide environmental profile. We combine applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. Our consultancy is evidence-based, and our research is characterized by interdisciplinary science and system thinking.


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