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Digital environmental information for a circular construction industry (eBVD)

With electronic construction product declarations, it's easy to digitally retrieve and register environmental information. By registering products that are part of your buildings, you can create continuous information flows from construction start to move-in.

To facilitate the process of registering construction product declarations, IVL and the Swedish Association for Construction Products have developed the digital registration tool eBVD. It provides an easy way for construction product manufacturers to register their products' environmental information. The information presented follows the eBVD format, an industry standard for environmental and health information about products that are part of a building. All the information that has published is searchable, and can be transferred to other systems by way of APIs.

By retrieving your environmental information digitally from the eBVD system, environmental data about different construction materials can accompany every stage of a construction project, from planning and construction to management, without the basic information being lost. This digital flow of environmental information will be useful when the time comes for reuse and/or recycle.

Electronic construction product declarations support you in your work with structuring the information about the components included in your products, which is important for establishing circular flows in the future. The information registered in the eBVD system constitutes a strong basis for continued registration of the product, e.g. in the BASTA system. The construction product declarations include information about construction products that can be requested for the phase-out of hazardous substances and the creation of digital logs, e.g. due to requirements from certification systems for buildings such as LEED, BREEAM and Miljöbyggnad.

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