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modern building with roof covered with grass and moss, surrounding large glasswindows.

Nature-based solutions in an urban environment

Interest in nature-based solutions in cities is increasing in Sweden as cities become denser. When cities become denser, it usually happens at the expense of green areas. IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has the competence to investigate opportunities and obstacles to increase the city's biological diversity, maintain prosperous ecosystems, and improve the conditions for urban ecosystem services.

Densification of cities and ongoing climate change increase the need for adaptation measures. Blue-green or nature-based solutions such as green infrastructure that can contribute to beneficial effects on biodiversity and its ecosystem services are important concepts for the future sustainable city. There is a strong belief that installations similar to nature or natural processes can create a city that is better for human health and well-being while being good for biodiversity and the city's central functions.

We help you to:

  • Evaluate and analyze the environmental benefits of blue-green solutions such as green roofs, walls and rain beds.
  • Chart what measures are needed to promote blue-green solutions and biodiversity.
  • Investigate how vegetation and building structure can be designed to benefit habitats, air quality and reduce the load on water supply and sewerage systems.

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