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Sustainable procurement

Reduce your environmental impact through sustainable procurement, which permeates your company and controls the requirements towards your suppliers. IVL helps you with questions about sustainable public procurement and procurement in various industries.

Sustainable procurement must reduce environmental and social problems and at the same time be a driving force for developing new and innovative environmental technology.

Procurement legislation makes it possible to set more efficient environmental requirements based on a life cycle perspective. By introducing a life cycle thinking in purchasing and procurement, it becomes natural to work closer to suppliers, set specific supplier requirements and follow up their improvement work.

We have extensive experience of both sustainable public procurement and procurement in industries such as real estate, construction, food and vehicles.

We help you with:

  • Practical guidance linked to purchasing processes, procurement legislation, evaluation criteria and follow-up routines
  • Supplier requirements for purchasing and procurement and follow-up of suppliers' environmental work
  • Training in how a supplier can become more competitive when environmental requirements in a life cycle perspective become increasingly important to meet

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