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Mistra SafeChem

Mistra SafeChem is a research program that aims to create a sustainable chemical industry and reduce exposure to hazardous substances. It is financed by Mistra and will run from 2019 to 2024.

The vision for Mistra SafeChem is to enable and promote the expansion of a safe, sustainable and green chemical industry in Sweden. Central parts of this interdisciplinary program are to develop new processes for industry and develop a toolbox with models and methods for risk assessment of chemicals.

Holistic view and life cycle perspective

The research focuses on proactive risk characterization of new chemicals, new synthetic routes and processes for the design and manufacture of chemicals, as well as developed and improved life cycle analysis. A holistic view and tools for life cycle management are key elements and to convey knowledge from research to business and society at large.

A series of case studies study specific synthesis, recycling and substitution processes at different levels in the value chain and for a number of applications.

Broad cooperation is the key to success

Mistra SafeChem involves extensive collaboration between materials and organic chemists, toxicologists and environmental chemists as well as industrial and product specialists.

The program is coordinated by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. The consortium includes researchers from IVL, Stockholm University, RISE, KTH and Danish DTU. The industry participates with representatives from the entire value chain - from the manufacture of chemicals to use in industrial processes and products.

Read more on the program's website.

Project facts

  • Mistra SafeChem - Safe and Efficient Chemistry by Design
  • Financed by: Mistra
  • Budget: SEK 100 million, of which SEK 70 million from Mistra and SEK 30 million from the program's industrial parties
  • Partners: RISE, Stockholm University, KTH, Chemsec, DTU, Astra Zeneca, BASF, Cytiva, EnginZyme, H&M, Holmen AB, IKEM, Krahnen GmbH, Perstorp AB Innovation, RenFuel, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, Volvo Cars, Wargön Innovation
  • Period: 2019 - 2024

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