New app will visualize emissions and noise

The project Miljöväder (Environmental Weather) will with the help of sensors measure air pollution and noise and then visualize the real time measurements in an app. The idea is that individuals, by seeing what levels of air pollution they are exposed to, should be able to avoid the most polluted areas and take other routes to work and school - or better yet avoid taking the car entirely.

Air pollution levels in the city are not constant. They are largely affected by the weather and winds, and they vary considerably throughout the day depending on when the traffic is most intense. As an example; air pollution levels outside of schools and nurseries are very high specifically during drop off and pick-up time.

Gothenburg has intense city traffic and affecting the air pollution levels at street level is primarily road traffic. The sensors used in the project measures nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and noise, which all together gives a good picture of the pollution situation. A total of 50 sensors, primarily in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens, will be installed in an area around the highly trafficked intersection of Korsvägen and the residential area Gårda in Gothenburg. In the same town there will also be sensors place in the opening of the Tingstad traffic tunnel.

The vision is that anyone who downloads the app should be able to get suggestions on alternative modes of travel or routes, both to promote their own health but also in order to contribute to a cleaner air environment. By involving schools the project will also create an increased awareness among students and the general public.

Behind Environmental Weather is IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in collaboration with the environmental administration at the City of Gothenburg, Acreo Swedish ICT, IMCG, Interactive Institute, Thingworx and Vinnter. Environmental Weather is funded by Vinnova.

Project facts

Miljöväder (Environmental weather)

Period: 2015-2017
Budget: 7 MSEK
Fredrik Hallgren

Partners: 7