Basta creates more digital control of chemicals in construction products

IVL's subsidiary BASTA, which monitors chemicals in construction products, had an eventful year. Among other things, a new level of requirements was introduced. BASTA was quick to adopt the EU's definition of hormone-disrupting substances.

Sussi Wetterlin, BASTA

Wetterlin,CEO of Basta Online

"During the year, things that we have been stalled for a long time fell into place – and much more is happening. We are seeing greater interest in our business," says Wetterlin, CEO of BASTA Online.

Basta has taken a substantial digital leap and updated the technical platform. During the year, the first step was taken to a digital transfer between selected databases for the purpose of improving the supply for users and customers.

Basta is also at the forefront in terms of hormone-disrupting substances. The EU struggled with finding a proper definition for some time. BASTA has drawn from the list of topics instead. A definition for hormone disruptive substances was finally established in 2018 and will be introduced in BASTA's criteria.

From Beta to Basta

"The current list should be phased out, and now we will adopt the definition instead. It is a complex issue, of course, but the manufacturers of suspected substances must assume greater responsibility. An industry dialogue will be initiated and subsequent guidelines will be drafted in 2019," says Wetterlin.

A new level of requirements has been introduced during the year: from BETA to BASTA. Three levels were established in the past: BASTA the highest requirement level for chemical content; BETA, the system's basic requirements; and products which have undergone a risk assessment and products that do not meet the requirements, but provide other environmental benefits.

But what happens to products once they are delivered and are in place? Spray insulation must suffice with a BETA-marking. Once the insulation is in place, and hardened, it qualifies for a BASTA level.

That is where the new requirement level comes in.

"From BETA to BASTA the system becomes more flexible and fair. You get better information about the product in the finished building," says Wetterlin, who worked on the requirements level in dialogue with the industry.

During the year, BASTA worked on developing a new and more modern logbook. Most of what is found in a building is currently logged with digital identification for tracking and monitoring during the life cycle. Boverket suggests this be made mandatory.

"We are updating the logbook tool for this. Among other BASTA ONLINE things, we are building interfaces and improving document management. Requirements are increasing for the materials in existing constructions to be recycled or reused. Circular flows are very important. We see an opportunity to adapt the system accordingly and participate in a number of interesting projects through IVL in the future.

BASTA Online is a subsidiary of IVL Swedish Environmental Institute with three people working on development and operations. Other expertise is borrowed from the parent company by the hour. Sussi Wetterlin thinks that is a good system. "This means that we can bring in expertise when we need it and can use our income very efficiently.

There are new issues to be tackled in the future. These include content information and how confidential information from companies should be handled. "We need to discuss this with the industry to find an arrangement that works," says Sussi Wetterlin.

If you want to know more about BASTA, please contact:
Sussi Wetterlin, sussi.wetterlin@ivl.se, Tel.: +46 010-788 66 82


  • Develops the BASTA registry database for chemical content in building materials.
  • Owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and the Swedish Construction Federation.
  • Today there are approximately 150,000 articles in the database, most of which comply with the higher BASTA level.
  • More than 450 companies are linked to BASTA and pay an annual fee.
  • Approximately 40-50 new companies join each year.
  • Companies that want their products at BASTA must have a structured environmental work. BASTA's tools and audits help companies to carry out such work.
    Read more at www.bastaonline.se

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