Circular plastic flooring

During the installation of plastic flooring, up to 10 percent of the material can become waste in the form of installation residue . There is a collection system for this residue material in Sweden, some of which can be recycled in the manufacturing of new flooring. But only one fifth is collected, the rest is incinerated for energy recovery together with other waste.

The project Circular Plastic Flooring aims to increase the amount of collected material through this system, but also to further increase the recycling rate.

The purpose is to increase the amount of collected material by raising awareness of the systems existence among municipalities. The focus is on how municipalities can use public procurement to set requirements for this material to be collected separately at construction sites and managed through such a system. The project also aims to further increase the recycling rate of the material, which currently stands at about 80 percent.

In this project, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute works together with stakeholder within the flooring industry in Sweden.

Project facts

Circular plastic flooring

Period: November 2019 - February 2020

Budget: 610 000 SEK

Contact: Alexandra Maria Almasi

Partners: Golvbranschen, Tarkett AB, Forbo Flooring AB, AB Gustaf Kärs

Finance: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

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