How should municipal solid waste be treated - a system study of incineration, material recycling, anaerobic digestion and composting

During 2000-2001 we made a system analysis study of waste management to assess different waste management strategies from an environmental, energetical and economic point of view. The study was financed by the Swedish National Energy Administration. I was project leader, but several other researchers made most of the work from other institutes and universities. The final report was in Swedish (Sundqvist et al 2002), because we aimed to reach Swedish municipalities, Swedish authorities and Swedish companies. However, since then I have found that the study also is of international interest. I have presented results in some conferences, workshops, and courses (Sundqvist 2001, 2002, 2004). Because of the international interest I have put together a shorter English version of our report. This report is focused on the method and the results. In the Swedish report there are also several sub-studies and more background data presented.

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