Food Redistribution in the Nordic Region - Phase II: Identification of best practice models for enhanced food redistribution

This report summarizes experiences and results from Phase II of the Nordic Food Redistribution Project. The project was initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers as part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative, “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth”, with budget from the Food and Agriculture program. Den här rapporten finns endast på engelska.


Food waste reduction is an area of growing importance among the Nordic governments as well as at the EU level. The Nordic Council of Ministers has published several reports in recent years as part of the Green Growth Program, showing the amounts of food wasted and proposing technical and organizational solutions to the problems of food waste.

Based on previous work done in the Nordic Food Redistribution Project, this report investigates best practice models among donors, receivers and authorities and proposes concrete steps towards safe and comprehensive systems for food redistribution through food banks and direct redistribution.

This report summarizes results from phase II in the Nordic project on food redistribution through food banks and direct redistribution (referred to as the Nordic food redistribution project). The project is initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Green Growth program and financed by the Food and Agriculture program. The Green Growth program aims at greening the Nordic economies through eight prioritized areas, one of which is to develop techniques and methods for waste treatment. Viewing food redistribution as a method for reducing food waste, the food redistribution project falls within the scope of this prioritized area.

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Last updated: 2021-05-05

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