Deposition of particulate emissions from a smelter industry

A mathematical model is developed for calculating the deposition of heavy metals (Pb, Cu, CD) from a smelter complex situated in the northern Sweden. The model is based on gaussion plume disperison model with reflection at ground and inversion layer. The plume reduction is taken into account by a surface depletion model. The deosition is calculated for 4 emission sources (3 stacks and wind erosion), 3 heavy metals (Pb; CU, CD), 3 particle sizes, 8 directions, 4 lapse rates, 5 windspeeds, winter situations and summer situations. The calculations are worked out for distances up to 70 km from the smelter complex. Within this distance, on the average, 60 % of the emissions is deposited. Of this deposition about 10 % is wet deposition, i.e. scavenging by rain or snow

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Last updated: 2021-05-05

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