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    International expert group proposes global target for air quality
    A global environmental target on air pollution and a powerful mobilization of resources to improve air quality in low-income countries. This is what researchers and decision-makers propose in a report from the international workshop Saltsjöbaden VII, organized by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
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    Research project to identify sustainable measures that can prevent damage from extreme weather events
    Extreme weather with heavy rainfall is becoming increasingly common and is threatening cities and communities. In a new research project in Sweden and Norway, the most economically and environmentally sustainable measures to climate-proof residences will now be identified. The project is led by CICERO, Center for International Climate Research, in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and If Insurance.
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    The Arctic in the heat of the moment
    It's early June and the air is clear in Helsinki, but the scientists gathered here through a project following up work under the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme see clouds piling up in the horizon. Not only are forest fires in Canada engulfing North America in smoke, but Arctic temperatures are rising steadily, not least geo-politically.