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    Report highlights actions to advance green technologies in Nordic region
    Economic instruments to advance green technology in the Nordic countries are far from cost-effective, according to research conducted by IVL Sweden Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
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    Study reveals sustainability benefits of Swedish wool
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has analysed the sustainability of Swedish wool. The results indicate that Swedish wool production can have lower climate impact and several other positive effects compared to wool production in other countries. The study has been carried out within The Swedish Wool Initiative led by Axfoundation.
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    New ranking: Best in Sweden at climate change adaptation
    Norrköping is this year's best climate change adaptation municipality, according to the latest survey from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Insurance Sweden. The results also show that the rate of increase previously seen in climate change adaptation seems to have stopped.
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    We will see more treatment of PFAS-contaminated water in the future
    Foam fractionation, nanofiltration, ozonation, ion exchange, pulverized or granulated activated carbon. There are several different techniques for separating PFASs, and they are under constant development. The PFAS experts at IVL are driving the technology forward with the help of test pilots.