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    The winner chosen in an innovation competition for sustainable alternatives to artificial turf
    Yesterday, the winner was named in IVL's innovation competition, which has aimed to find sustainable and natural alternatives to artificial turf used in school and preschool yards. It was the company Nordic Surface with its product "Corkeen Play Original" consisting of a cork-based material that took home the profit.
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    New digital working methods are required to increase recycling in the construction sector
    Construction and demolition waste accounts for about a third of Sweden's waste volumes. Despite the fact that large quantities of this waste are of high quality, little is currently recycled. In a report for the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, IVL has explored how digital technology can support increased recycling.
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    Four million for projects on invasive Pacific oysters
    Invasive alien species pose a major threat to biodiversity, but some species not only have negative effects but can also be valuable from both a commercial and an ecological perspective. Researchers will now develop a model for sustainable management of the invasive Pacific ostrich.
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    Measure more – and reduce food waste
    Now it will be easier for food companies to measure and reduce their food waste. In a Resource-financed project, IVL and Rise have developed concrete guidelines that can help different types of food companies in their work.
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    Smart City Sweden demonstrates solutions digitally during Corona
    The platform Smart City Sweden works to increase the cooperation between Sweden and other countries in issues connected to sustainable cities. Smart City Sweden, managed by IVL and coordinated by the Swedish Energy Agency, welcomes delegations from all over the world that are interested in solutions within areas such as urban planning, mobility, cleantech, waste management and sustainability. The goal is to inspire other countries in the shift to a more sustainable society.
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    First wind turbine producer in China to release an EPD
    With the assistance of IVL, the global company Goldwind has become the first wind turbine producer in China to release an Environmental Product Declaration. Using the EPD system signal the manufacturer's commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of its products and services and report these impacts in a transparent way.
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    New project in China will support actions to reduce discharge of microplastics from the textile industry
    China has the world's largest textile production and exports a large part of the clothes sold in Sweden and the EU. IVL’s China office has been awarded two million Norwegian kroner from Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund (Handelens Miljøfond) in Norway for a project that will contribute knowledge and solutions to reduce discharge of microplastics from the Chinese textile industry.
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    Positive results of renewable aviation fuel production in Östersund
    Capturing carbon dioxide from cogeneration (CHP) plants and adding hydrogen makes it possible to manufacture aviation fuel that generates up to 86 per cent less carbon dioxide emissions than comparable fossil alternatives. This can be done at a highly competitive price point. This is the conclusion reached by a joint research project between IVL, Jämtkraft, Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University.
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    Ramping up the introduction of zero-emission vehicles in Nordic cities
    How can we reduce traffic emissions in our cities? A study from IVL examines ways in which Nordic cities can increase the proportion of zero-emission vehicles and at the same time accelerate work on new mobility solutions. Cities are advised to assemble packages of measures that mutually reinforce one another.