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CICERONE - A platform for efficient circular economy research

CICERONE is building a joint platform for efficient circular economy research and innovation programming. If our societies are to make the switch to circular practices, all actors need to be involved and actively commit to transitioning a more sustainable economy. This is why CICERONE works in close cooperation with a variety of practitioners including government bodies, research & technology organisations, civil society, industry, innovative SMEs, startups, cities and investors.

Through CICERONE the priorities and pathways for coordinated R&I for circular economy will be explored and based on the findings a Strategic research and innovation agenda for joint programming related to circular economy will be developed. In turn, this agenda will influence the priorities in future European, national and regional CE programmes. Through a common platform for circular economy research & innovation, practitioners will gain access to a one-stop shop of project findings, results and actors to build lasting synergies and stronger initiatives. This will lead to more synergy, sharing of results, and return on public investments in research and innovation.

CICERONE’s goals align as much as possible pan-European, national and regional research and innovation in order to speed up the transition to a European circular economy.

Facts about project

  • Cicerone - Circular Economy Platform for European Priorities Strategic Agenda
  • Budget: 1998860 Euro, IVLs share: 134000 Euro
  • Financed by: EU Horizon 2020, Grant agreement number: 512 004
  • Partners: EIT Climate KIC (coordinator), Bluenove, CEA, CEPS, EIT Raw Materials, ENEA, Estonian research Council, GKZ, IETU, Jülich project management agency, LGI, National Cheng Kung University, PNO, RVO, SDA, TNO, UEFISCDI, University of Maribor, VITO, VTT, World Resources Forum Association, Wuppertal Institute, DXCACC
  • Period: 2018 - 2020