News 2016-02-16

In the upper left corner you can see IVLs former research director Peringe Grennfelt and Ingvar Carlsson (S), who was then Deputy Prime Minister and Sweden's first environment minister. The picture is taken in January 1986.

IVL celebrates 50 years of research

It’s been 50 years since the government and industry jointly formed the first Swedish environmental research institute - IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Throughout 2016 we will highlight this jubilee in several ways, linking the past with our present and the future.

I fokus

In the mid-1960s, environmental problems became increasingly evident in Sweden, particularly when it came to the pulp and paper industries. Following an initiative from concerned parties from both industry and government a unique agreement was taken to jointly form a new research institute.

It was called the Institute for Water and Air Research Institute (IVL) and started its formal operations in January of 1966. The name reflects the most high-profile environmental issues of that period - manifested by dead lakes, foul-smelling discharge and severe air pollution in connection to industries.

We at IVL pride ourselves for being Sweden’s first and oldest environmental research institute, and it is true that at the start of IVL neither the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency nor any environmental law or department existed. IVL's history largely coincides with the modern environmental work in Sweden and in Swedish industry.

The good thing about anniversaries is that they offer a chance for reflection; and by looking back provide us with both distance and understanding. At the same time they also bring about new thoughts concerning the future. We will from time to time during the year continue to provide links to our past, the present and our future, both in the form of news, stories, workshops and events.