Robin Vestergren arbetar som forskare på IVL

Johan Hultén

Waste expert, working at the Gothenburg Office, Sweden

I work in various projects in waste and waste prevention, from producing statistics or research to more specific consultancy assignments. I want to produce factual data that helps policymakers.

A lot going on in the waste field

There is a lot going on in the waste field. Some things are going in the wrong direction, such as the amount of waste is still increasing, other things are improving quickly. For example, no one raises an eyebrow when food companies donates surplus food to charitable organizations.

The dream project

Just a couple of years ago we examined how this can be done professionally and safely on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. My dream project at IVL is to work with municipalities and local businesses that really dare to invest in infrastructure for reuse, and ensure they get a return on that investment through resource efficiency and more jobs. Circular economy is a change in the system, we must dare to invest.

Driving force

I became acquainted with Sanita Vukicevic from Envir during the AVC project. She was a driving force in establishing and developing random sample analyses as a method. She disappeared quickly while the report was being written. I will remember her as a great person.

My best environmental tip is to dare to ask your table companion, "Are you going to eat that?". To reduce food waste, a new attitude is needed. You are extra full and satisfied as well.