Datakvalitet för en LCA-beräkning av ett byggnadsverk

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In order to communicate an LCA calculation for a building, and so that the result can be interpretable by the recipient, it must include quality documentation describing condition for calculations, assumptions and models used, and what data evaluations, delimitations and shortcomings that exists. If this is done in a consistent manner, regardless of the type of building, the ambition is to facilitate the development of the quality documentation and to interpret it.

In the digitization we believe that the environmental impact will be calculated in a digitized way with life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology by facilitating already used tools. If these LCA calculations only include numerical numbers without simultaneously communicating something about how they are calculated, there is a risk that the LCA result is incorrectly interpreted and misleading. Therefore, it is important to supplement the LCA result with quality documentation.

The aim of this report is to propose the contents of the LCA accompanying quality documentation for a building, with a scope to simplifying interpretation of the calculation results. The proposed quality documentation is expected to form the basis for a digital quality report. In the report the quality documentary is divided into the following parts:
• The extent of the inventoryregarding construction parts, life cycle and information modules.
• Quality of the resource summary, underlying LCA environmental data and the resulting weighted quality index for the calculated result.
• Design of the LCA result,as part of the quality report, thus steering up the entire level of information delivery's lowest level of ambition.

In the next stage of digitization, we expect that the results of what is described in the report will be digitized in future projects. The quality documentation for an LCA environmental calculation for a building should be seen as a complement to Q metadata (Erlandsson 2018a) for the construction products used during the life cycle. By supplementing Q metadata for environmental declarations for all kinds of construction products with quality documentation for an LCA calculation for all kinds of buildings, the vision is that these two works will strengthen an increased transparency about the quality of the LCA calculations.

Coworkers: Martin Erlandsson

Keywords: datakvalitet, LCA, beräkning byggnadsverk

Year: 2019.0

Report number: C366

Authors: Martin Erlandsson

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