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The study includes statistical summary of the visits of foreign delegations that visited the Swedish visitor facilities for environmental technology in 2014. The data used was collected by the regional nodes in ASSET. In total, the 80 facilities in the survey, from January to November 2014 received a total of 9.800 visitors, which is roughly on par with last years’. Change in number of visits occurred at the plant level, but then has to do with change of local conditions. The absolute majority of the visits came to the three metropolitan areas and consist of visitors from neighbouring countries such as Denmark and France, or from the BRIC countries. The focus of the visit was usually sustainable cities, but it is unclear if this is demand or supply driven. The documents from visits recipients also show this year that the follow-up of visits are sketchy, probably because it is not in the main recipient task. The follow-up should rest with those who have interest and mandate for it. If it is to happen, information about the visits must be shared between facilities, business facilitators and companies. This report is only available in Swedish.

Coworkers: Johan Strandberg

Keywords: ASSET, miljötekniknod,

Year: 2014

Report number: C67

Authors: Johan Strandberg

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