Climate benefits of second-hand for Blocket

What are the climate benefits of trading second-hand instead of new? The advert website Blocket wanted to know, and enlisted the help of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute to find out.

Calculations are based on Blocket’s sales statistics. With the help of input data in the form of advertisements and climate data for different materials, IVL has figured out the volume of the emissions potentially averted through trade in used goods. This has been done fora few target categories, including cars, bicycles, furniture, appliances, electronics and clothing. Calculations are based on the assumption that each product sold replaces the entire lifecycle of a similar new product, from raw material production to waste disposal.

The result shows that when buying second-hand on Blocket instead of new, as much as 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions may be avoided each year. This is comparable to all traffic standing still on Stockholm roads for more than a year and a half, or if all the country's roads were empty for over a month.

According to Blocket’s questionnaire surveys, environmental considerations have become an increasingly important driver for those buying used goods. Blocket has also been using the climate calculator available on the website Here visitors can in real time track the magnitude of potential greenhouse gas emissions that are circumvented as Swedes sell and buy second-hand.