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Focus areas

The activities of IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and the co-financed research are divided into four thematic areas.

The focus on activities in the thematic areas is defined to create opportunities for dialogue, collaboration and to develop research.

Natural resources, climate and environment

The focus area includes strategies, policies and impact assessments for ecosystems. This includes the use of and environmental impact on natural resources and ecosystem services. In addition, issues concerning water management, environmental, social and economic aspects of real and industrial activities as well as ecological compensation are included.

Contact: Karin Sjöberg

Resource-efficient cycles and consumption

The focus area works on developing and implementing methods and tools to support the business community's and authorities' pursuit of more resource-efficient products and more sustainable waste management. This includes new business models and consumption methods that support the development of a circular economy.

Contact: Elin Eriksson

Sustainable production and environmental technology

In this focus area, the companies' environmental and sustainability work is linked to strategic business development. The goal is to meet the companies' and society's need to analyze and develop operations and production that meet high environmental and work environment requirements and that at the same time increase quality, efficiency and profitability and create market advantages.

Contact: Mona Olsson Öberg

Sustainable urban development and transport

The focus area spans the entire breadth of the public construction sector and, through its system perspective, takes a comprehensive approach to urban planning and the development of existing built environments and infrastructure.

Contact: Patrik Isaksson