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Blått skvalpande vatten

Pilot Henriksdal 2040 (pH2040)

Many treatment plants in Sweden are facing future challenges due to increased requirements for treatment capacity, cost efficiency and load capacity. In many cases, these requirements will lead to renovations being required at the treatment plants.

With the increased requirements, Stockholm Water and Waste has decided to rebuild and expand the capacity of Sweden's largest treatment plant, Henriksdal treatment plant in Stockholm, and to close down Bromma treatment plant and instead direct its wastewater to Henriksdal treatment plant. Henriksdal's treatment plant will be rebuilt and upgraded to a treatment plant with an active sludge stage combined with a membrane bioreactor stage, where the current post-sedimentation will be replaced by a membrane bioreactor.

As this process solution is not implemented in treatment plants in Sweden today, but most treatment plants have now either already decided, or shown interest in, upgrading in a similar way as Henriksdal, a decision basis is needed that can provide support regarding process choices and opportunities for future development of MBR treatment plants with Swedish / Nordic conditions.

Since 2016, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has been running, together with Stockholm Water and Waste, a co-financed project, where a pilot-scale facility, identical to the future full-scale facility at Henriksdals ARV, is operated and studied. The facility is located at IVL and KTH's joint research facility for water purification; Hammarby Sjöstadsverk. Every year, the project publishes a summary of the past year, which can be downloaded from IVL's website.

Project facts

  • Pilot Henriksdal 2040
  • Budget: 5 MSEK/år
  • Partners: SVOA
  • Period: 2016 - 2023


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