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Nordic Solutions in Sewage & Sludge Treatment and MSW for India

India is all set to become the most populous country in the world by 2030, making it home to the biggest and the most under-penetrated market for global manufactures and service providers. But poor sanitation in India is surly affecting it’s economic growth. Through this project, the aim is to introduce Nordic Solutions in sludge and sewage management and MSW to Indian market and help Nordic companies to connect with right contacts in India.

Access to drinking water is becoming more costly due to environmental pollution and increased water demands, human consumption of potable water conflicts with other major water consumers, such as agricultural and industrial uses. Rapid population growth, intensive agricultural activities, the need for sustainable water sources to meet the environmental restrictions on construction of storage reservoirs for potable water and the long distances between cities and water sources are other factors promoting more reclaimed wastewater use.

Once the reclaimed wastewater is used, other benefits can be seen such as increased water availability, improved water resources management by wise allocation of different types of water resources, decreased pollution input into water courses, re-use of the nutrients in the reclaimed wastewater and decreasing the need for fertilizer.

Treated wastewater most responsible solution

The reuse of treated municipal wastewater in India has been identified as the most responsible solution to manage water scarcity issues while building a sustainable society.

The Indian government has launched the sanitation initiative Clean India mission and decided to build waste water treatment plants in important cities, to start with.

Nordic solutions resource efficient treatment

This has opened up the possibilities to introduce Nordic solutions with more resourse efficient treatment. This means possibility to recycle the treated water and produce energy and nutrients.

Sweden was one of the first contries to recognize wastewater treatment plants as production facility where sewage water is seen as a resource so that treated water can be reused to farmer land, industries or even to take back to ground water after infiltration, to produce energy (electricity and biogas) and nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen). Wastewater treatment plants in Nordic countries produce a large share of the biogas used by roadvehicles today.

Innovative Nordic solutions in water sector have leading position in the international market and contribute globally to safer drinking water, sustainable storm water solutions and resource efficient water and waste water management for better environment. The Nordic countries have managed to turn waste into fuel and thereby replacing fossil fuels, which can be a testimony of a successful integration in an evolving energy system.

This has resulted in a rising interest from other countries to learn from the Nordic experiences.

Facts about project

  • Budget: 1.2 million NOK
  • Financed by: Nordic Innovation
  • Period: 2020 - 2021

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Last updated: 2020-10-30

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