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SunHorizon- Sun coupled innovative heat pumps

The heating and cooling sector in Europe accounts for 50 percent of the total energy consumption and space heating equals half of it. The demand is mostly met by fossil fuels, with natural gas having the main share. SunHorizon aims at developing innovative technology where heat pumps are coupled with solar systems in order to decarbonize the sector.

The purpose of SunHorizon is to demonstrate innovative heat pump solution that acting properly coupled with solar panels (PV, hybrid and thermal) to provide heating and cooling to residential and tertiary buildings. Reduced emissions, lower energy bill and reduced fossil fuel dependency are some of the foreseen benefits of implementing the systems. Eight demonstration sites are building built around Europe (Germany, Spain, Latvia and Belgium) in order to develop and test the technology.

A social acceptance survey to explore various stakeholder groups attitudes

SunHorizon is performing a social acceptance survey to explore various stakeholder groups attitudes, and perception of barriers, to adopting the technology developed in the project.

We encourage you to participate with your opinion!

Project facts

  • SunHorizon
  • Budget: 11 646 610 EUR
  • Financed by: EU European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N. 818329
  • Partners: RINA , CEA , EXERGY , Schneider Electric, BoostHEAT, The National Research Council, FAHRENHEIT GmbH, Fundación CARTIF, IES, IVL, The European Heat Pump Association, TVP Solar SA, DualSun, CheckWatt, AJSCV, GROUPEMENT DE REDEPLOIEMENT ECONOMIQUE DU PAYS DE LIEGE, BDR Thermea Group BV, RATIOTHERM, RIGAS TEHNISKA UNIVERSITATE, EMVS
  • Period: 2018 - 2022


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