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News | 2023-03-29
Front pages of threee samples of the Mistra SafeChem Annual report for 2022.

Annual report for 2022 from Mistra SafeChem

The third annual report from Mistra SafeChem is completed. Now, halfway through the first stage of the programme, we can report much progress.

In the first half of the annual report for, you can read in-depth interviews with researchers, representing successful work within the work packages. These are the headlines:

  • Developing machine learning models for toxicity prediction
  • Successfully finding processes to recycle post-consumer textiles
  • Bridging the worlds of digitalization and sustainability assessment
  • Promising findings of alternatives to silicones and siloxanes in cosmetics

"Go green or go broke!"

Krister Holmberg, chairman of the Mistra SafeChem board, comments on the year:

"The attitude towards environmental issues has changed rapidly and we have not seen the end of it. Go green or go broke has become a business reality and Mistra SafeChem is well-­positioned to contribute to the transition."

Much of the work in the programme is done by the research students. You meet many of them in the annual report.

In the latter part of the report, you get an overview of the key achievements of the work packages during 2022. Here you also find concentrated facts on the programme's results, structure and deliverables.