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Life cycle analysis of forestry - Mistra Digital forest

IVL participates in the Mistra Digital Forest program led by Skogsindustrierna. The program focuses on digitization for more efficient forestry and IVL contributes with further development of methods for life cycle analyzes and sustainability assessments for bio-based products.

IVL will also develop the tool BioMapp for calculation and visualization of material flows from forestry. The visualization will include sustainability indicators for the entire forestry value chain. A long-term goal is to lay the foundation for a digital system for communication of various environmental and sustainability aspects.

Within IVL's parts of the program, the focus will be on the following tasks:
  • Circularity and sustainability
  • Sustainable opportunities for new and traditional products and materials - optimize the supply of raw materials based on tree species and properties
  • Visualization for in-depth understanding of forestry

Project facts

  • Mistra Digital forest-WP3
  • Budget Totalt 103,5 MKR
  • Financed by: Skogsindustrierna
  • Partners: Mistra Digital Forest
  • Period: 2019 - 2022

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