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Klimpen - The consequences of climate change for the energy system

The purpose of the project was to prepare the energy sector for how climate change may affect the energy system in Sweden and to investigate how undesirable consequences can be foreseen and what adaptation measures need to be taken to reduce negative effects and take advantage of increased production opportunities.

Within the project, which is a collaborative project, we have developed climate scenarios and energy system scenarios and looked at how this can affect hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, bioenergy, solar energy, the electricity grid and district heating / cooling. At IVL, we have, for example, reported on the effects of climate impact on forests and the availability of bioenergy. Global warming and its consequences are expected to have a major impact on Swedish forests. For the bioenergy sector, on the other hand, the impact on the various consequences is estimated to vary considerably - there are both threats and opportunities here. The consequences (such as the impact on growth, timber quality, opportunities for extraction, supply and storage needs) can mean an increased supply of biofuels from the forest, but also an increased risk of aspects that may limit the potential.


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