news | 2020-12-03
A pair of hans working with a car engine

Dissecting complex nanoparticle heterostructures via multimodal data fusion with aberration-corrected STEM spectroscopy

The identification and structural analysis of nanoparticles in embedded complex environments is a challenging task. Within Mistra SafeChem, the particpants from Stockholm University and AC2T research have developed a method based on data fusion, which is used in satellite technology, to detect nanoparticles which are “hidden” within bulk samples.

For the analysis of used motor oils and nanoparticle degradation products, Adam Slabon and the industrial partner AC2T have contributed to the development of a new method to combine STEM EELS and EDX. This method will enable to obtain information on motor oil degradation products and to investigate potential nanoparticle hazards. Current application of this method is ongoing.

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