news | 2020-11-25
District heating building with solar panels

Sign up for webinar #3: Characterization and assessment of district heating flexibility – how to exploit the flexibility at a real-life pilot site in Spain

In heat and cold generation, machinery is usually operated to fulfil the instantaneous heat demand. This is not the most optimal way of operation and production flexibility can significantly increase the economic profits of a power plant.

In the Flexi-Sync project, an increased district energy flexibility is demonstrated at six different pilots. One of these six pilots is located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. At the demo site, a highly efficient co-generation plant (generating cold water, hot water and electricity) supplies the innovation park Parc Bit through a district heating and cooling system.

During the webinar, the strategies to increase the energy flexibility of the Spanish demo site will be explained. The webinar will also cover characterization and assessment of flexibility, aspects crucial for taking advantage of flexibility. You will also be given insights in how the entire district heating system, from generation to the consumption, can be targeted to exploit both passive and active thermal energy storages for a more predictive operation.

The webinar will be hosted by the researcher partner Luleå University of Technology and the Spanish demo site representative Sampol.

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