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News | 2021-06-09
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Access project deliverables at Zenodo

All project reports that have been made public are now accessible in the research repository.

To collect all Flexi-Sync reports in one place, and make sure it is accessible long after the project has closed, all public deliverables of the project will be uploaded to Zenodo. Right now, there are seven publications accessible in the Flexi-Sync community. All reports are given a DOI, which is a persistent identifier for digital documents that makes it easier to refer to the documents.

What is Zenodo?

Zenodo is an all-purpose open research repository. It was created by OpenAIRE External link, opens in new window. and CERN External link, opens in new window. to provide a place for researchers to deposit publications, datasets, and other research artifacts such as code, posters, presentations - you name it! Zenodo does not impose any requirements on format, size, access restrictions or licence and is not restricted to one funder, or one nation. It is free to use for all research outputs from across all fields.