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On this page, you can follow the progress of the InciteShip project. We continuously post news and updates.


To translate the analog signal from a hydrophone to a digital signal, we use an ADC, analogue-to-digital converter. Here, the ADC is programmed by Carl in the technology lab at IVL.

En man sitter vid ett skrivbord med två datorskärmar som visar kod, hans armbåge vilar på skrivbordet medan han tittar mot kameran med ett litet leende. Olika elektroniska komponenter och apparater ligger utspridda på skrivbordet.

Carl in the technology lab at IVL.

IVL explores measures to reduce environmental impact of underwater noise

Underwater noise in the oceans is a growing environmental problem. Increased shipping and heavy recreational boat traffic have a negative impact on wildlife and the environment. Despite this, effective measures to reduce this noise are lacking. With two recently launched projects, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and partners want to change this.

2024-03-28 - Kick-off!

The project team gathered in Gothenburg on March 19–20 2024, for an official project kick-off. The purpose was to build consensus and understanding of the project and what we aim to achieve, both within the project team with IVL and FOI, and with collaborating partners such as SMHI, Aarhus University, Stena Teknik, and Terntank.

Åtta personer på en volleybollplan

The project team after a sandy collaboration exercise, from the left: Emilia Lalander, Mathias Andersson, Torbjörn Johansson, Anna-Sara Krång, Carl Andersson, Markus Linné, Julia Winroth och Elin Malmgren. Henrik Samuelsson is missing in the picture.