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Throughout the project, we will provide updates on the progress, share findings in the field of underwater noise from ships, and receive feedback through InciteShip’s network.

Would you like to be part of this network? By participating you will receive newsletters and be invited to participate in a workshop where we will present preliminary project results. You will also be invited to the project's closing seminar.

The network activities involve relevant communication to a wide group of stakeholders, including:

  • Ship owners who are curious about their vessels' noise levels.
  • Users of existing incentive systems that reward environmentally friendly vessels.
  • Shipping companies that want to use underwater noise in their environmental communication.
  • Parallel projects and initiatives.
  • Decision-makers and authorities.
  • Technically inclined persons interested in solutions to reduce noise from vessels.
  • Persons interested in how to set requirements for new or refurbished ships with respect to underwater noise.

Join the network

Email Julia Winroth: julia.winroth@ivl.se
Please note that you need to approve IVL:s privacy policy External link. to join the network.