Centre for Dynamic Modelling

The main task of the Centre for Dynamic Modelling, CDM, is to develop and promote methods for dynamic modelling of the air pollution impacts on ecosystems including biodiversity, interactions of air pollution with climate change and land use. CDM is part of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution, CLRTAPexternal link, opens in new window.

The purpose

Dimma över en sjö

The Aim

CDM aims to build connections with groups working with dynamic modelling both within and outside the Conventionexternal link, opens in new window and to help to coordinate the modelling efforts so that the model outcomes could be directly utilized within the work of the Convention.

CDM originated and is a further development of Joint Expert Group on Dynamic Modelling (JEG DM). While JEG DM operated solemnly by annual meetings reportedexternal link, opens in new window to the Working Group on Effects (WGE), CDM will be operate on continuous basis and will also – as a part of ICP Modelling and Mapping – be integrated in the work of WGE.

Apart from the funding from UNECEexternal link, opens in new window (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), the work of CDM is funded by Swedish Environmental Protection Agencyexternal link, opens in new window (Naturvårdsverket).


Peer-reviewed papers and reports

Read peer-reviewed papers and reports associated with CDM.

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