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Current activities

The main task of the Centre for Dynamic Modelling (CDM) is to develop and promote methods for dynamic modelling including biodiversity, interactions of air pollution with climate change and land use.

Report on dynamic modelling

Currently CDM is finalizing a summary report on work conducted by various ICPs involving dynamic models. The report will be submitted to WGE during spring 2021.

CDM aims to build connections with groups working with dynamic modelling both within and outside the Convention and to help to coordinate the modelling efforts so that the model outcomes could be directly utilized within the work of the Convention.

Call for data

In November 2019, the Coordination Centre for Effects, CCE issued a Call for data External link, opens in new window. with expected delivery in 2020 and 2021. The call consists of two parts External link, opens in new window. neither of which necessarily involves the use of dynamic models. However, it is of crucial importance to continue development of critical loads calculations based on the effects of air pollution on biodiversity as WGE specifically asked for further development of this issue.

Any parties active in this field are encouraged to keep in touch with the CDM centre and share your experience. Further development of biodiversity based critical loads and possibility to include it in the future calls for data will be further discussed at the 37th ICP M&M, CCE and CDM meeting External link, opens in new window. in 2021.

Peer-reviewed papers and reports
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