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Key to ProScale is the webtool where substances and processes are stored and ready to be used. It is a user-friendly tool where you choose the unit processes leading up to your product and recieve the calculated ProScale Scores. The webtool is under continual improvement and growth.

The user guide will provide you with the necessary background and practical knowledge to start your ProScale assessments.

There are currently three sets of data available in the webtool:

    • Processes based on open data
    • Processes partly based on GaBi data, available for those who already have a GaBi license
    • Processes partly based on EcoInvent data, available for those who already have an EcoInvent license

    If you are curious to which ProScale processes are accessible with your login, please click here Pdf, 131.9 kB.. Become a member to create your webtool login and start your ProScale work.