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Carbonation of concrete

The carbonation process of concrete has been known for a long time, mainly because it can affect the technical properties of the concrete in the long term. However, it also affects the net emissions from the use of concrete and thus impact green house gases.

The uptake of CO2 in concrete also affects the net emissions of CO2 from the use of concrete in society and thus also the impact of concrete use on greenhouse gases and its climate effects. It is therefore important to understand and to take into account both the technical aspects of carbonation and its climate effects.

About CO2 concrete uptake

This website is intended to be a living and easily accessible information site for calculating CO2 uptake in concrete structures and in various concrete processes. Read mor about the website here.

A building made by concrete

Carbonation of concrete

Carbonation of concrete is the chemical reaction between carbon dioxide in the air and calcium hydroxide and hydrated calcium silicate in the concrete to give mainly carbonates.

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Calculation of CO2 uptake in concrete

Calculations of CO2 uptake in concrete are complex and include both chemical and physical processes.