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News | 2020-11-28

CSI methodology & scoring updates

Due to changes in international regulations and technology review CSI updates its methodology.

  1. New IMO EEDI reference from 2020: In line with the next EEDI phase for energy efficiency of new ships, CSI is changing its reference for scoring on CO2 which will apply to all ships.
  2. Global sulphur cap of 0,5% from 2020: The reference for scoring in CSI will be below 0,5% sulphur.
  3. Following a technology review (non regulatory related) there will be an increased reward for ‘air seal’ technology in the stern tube. Verification requirement: VGP (US EPA) approved.
  4. The possibility to gain PM scores by scrubber usage will be removed due to studies indicating poor reduction of the most harmful particles (PM < 10 µm).

Details will be included in the new Methodology & Reporting Guidelines published 1st of January 2020. Any questions can be directed to the Clean Shipping Index secretariat.