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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the answers to our most common questions.

I want to register a vessel in Clean Shipping Index, how do I start the process?

First, request a login to the database by contacting info@cleanshippingindex.com. Then follow the process described under registration & certification External link..

Where can I find the price list for the Swedish fairway dues?

The information is available in the CSI database, login and view vessels’ self-assessed and certified CSI Class.

If the vessel is not registered in CSI, see I want to register a vessel in Clean Shipping Index, how do I start the process?

Where can I find the price list for the Swedish fairway dues?

You can find more information (e.g. price list) in regulation SJÖFS 2022:1 and SJÖFS 2022:2 here. External link, opens in new window.

Is “user access” required in order to access the rebates on Swedish fairway dues?

No, but you do need to certify your vessel (become a “reporting carrier”). Accredited verification companies are listed under “registration & certification”.

Do I need to be a user of Clean Shipping Index to list my ships in the database?

No, reporting vessels in the database is free of charge. However, being a user offers many other benefits which are listed under “benefits”.

How many ships are registered in Clean Shipping Index?

Our database is expanded continuously and there are currently approximately 2400 vessels registered in Clean Shipping Index.

What is the difference between only reporting ships in the database and being a user of Clean Shipping Index?

Users have specific benefits which are listed under “benefits”, e.g. you have unlimited access to CSI’s database, participation on our network meetings is for free and your company is mentioned on our website.

What is the process to become a user of Clean Shipping Index?

If you want to become a user, please contact info@cleanshippingindex.com. You then sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). After paying the annual user fee, all user benefits are enabled.

What is the user fee?

The annual fee is €2,800. If you decide to join CSI during the year, you pay less for that year based on the moment of joining.

Why do I need to have vessels verified by an independent third party?

Third party verification is needed for accessing e.g. rebates on Swedish fairway dues and certain port fees, but also for obtaining the CSI performance label for marketing purposes.

What are the costs for obtaining a CSI certificate?

The costs for the verification are a matter between the shipping company and the verifier. We recommend to ask different verifiers for quotes. Accredited verification companies are mentioned here. CSI charges a €500 admin fee per certificate, which is invoiced via the verification company.

What is the validity for a CSI certificate?

Issued certificates are valid for 3 years. Note: if the certificate has been issued before 24 August 2017, it is valid for 5 years.

Does the annual update of CO2 & SOx performance affect certificate validity?

There are two clickable buttons in the database for the verifier, “New certificate” and ”Update certificate”. The latter one is used for annual air emissions or any other specific performance update, 3 year period will still be running unaffected. Clicking ”New certificate” will erase the current one and commence a new 3 year period of validity, required then is a “full audit” (office and on board), that is normally only done when the old one is expiring.

Which ports use Clean Shipping Index for differentiating port fees?


Brofjorden differentiate port fees based on a vessel’s score in Clean Shipping Index
Attach CSI certificate when sending pre-arrival info.


PetroPort offers vessels with CSI Class 4 or 5 a discount of 0.5 SEK/GT. The full price list for the port fees can be found here

How to apply? Attach CSI certificate when sending pre-arrival info to: operations@petroport.se

Ports of Stockholm

Ports of Stockholm give rebates in all three ports; Stockholm, Nynäshamn and Kapellskär, based on a vessel’s verified score on NOx, SOx and CO2
Information needs to be delivered in the Ship’s Notification form together with all other standard information for the ship’s call
Rebates are given to vessels with a score of 45-90 on the air emissions, with a discount from 0,01 SEK/GT up to 0,19 SEK/GT
More information, including the list of rebates on page 8, is available in this document by Ports of Stockholm External link, opens in new window.

Port of Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg offers 10 percent discount on the port charge based on GT for vessels with CSI class 4 or 5.
The full document with prices is available via this link. External link, opens in new window.
How to apply? To receive discount according no actions are needed, every port call is being automatically controlled. Read more here.

Port of Gävle

Port of Gävle offers 10% reduction to vessels with CSI class 4 or 5 based on GT
How to apply? Send CSI certificate to trafik@gavlehamn.se prior to arrival. Read more via this link External link, opens in new window..

Port of Prince Rupert

The Prince Rupert Port Authority gives incentives to vessels with CSI class 3-5 through the Green Wave Program according to three different reduction rates:

  • Tier 1: 10% (CSI class 3)
  • Tier 2: 20% (CSI class 4)
  • Tier 3: 50% (CSI class 5)

How to apply? Complete the Green Wave Application Form via this link External link, opens in new window..

Port of Vancouver

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s harbour dues rates per gross registered tonne:

  • Base rate $0.094
  • Bronze rate (CSI Class 3) $0.072
  • Silver rate (CSI Class 4) $0.061
  • Gold rate (CSI Class 5) $0.050

How to apply? Attach Clean Shipping Index certificate to Rate Application and have certificate available during on-board inspection
The full Fee Document is available here. External link.

Port of Turku

The full Fee Document is available here. External link.

How do I issue a new certificate before the old has expired?

The Clean Shipping Index methodology is based on the 'beyond legal compliance' principle, meaning that the methodology should be updated from time to time, leading to various versions. When a vessel obtains a certificate, it is verified against that version of the methodology during the 3-year validity of the certificate. After it expires, a new certificate can be obtained, verified against the version of the methodology at that moment. When obtaining a new certificate, the easiest way is to wait until the current certificate expires and to issue a new certificate afterwards. Then the vessel is automatically verified against the new version of the methodology.

However, some shipowners would like to obtain a new certificate already while the old certificate is still active, in order to ensure avoiding a period of non-certification. But because there are different versions of the methodology, it is not possible to just issue a new certificate right away. Instead, the current certificate should be removed in that case, after which the new version of the methodology becomes available for assessment.

For these situations CSI recommends the following steps:

  1. The shipowner prepares the answers to the questionnaire of the current (new) methodology in a separate file.
  2. The verifier performs the entire verification procedure.
  3. The verifier prepares the assessment (including the scores that will be given + an explanation) in a separate file.
  4. The verifier removes the current certificate.
  5. ASAP after this: The shipowner closes and re-opens the vessel information and fulfills their self-assessment, which is based on the newest version of the methodology.
  6. ASAP after this: The verifier does the assessment and issues the new certificate, with a new 3-year validity.