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News | 2018-05-21

I-Tech becomes user of Clean Shipping Index

Clean Shipping Index welcomes I-Tech as a new member. I-Tech AB supplies the antifouling agent Selektope® (generic name, medetomidine) to coatings manufacturers for inclusion in marine antifouling products. I-Tech is a bio-technology company based in Mölndal, Sweden that owns all IP and regulatory rights to Selektope® and controls a large source of medetomidine production.

Selektope® delivers a bio-repellent mode of action to protect ship hulls from barnacle settlement by temporarily stimulating the barnacle larvae’s octopamine receptor, keeping the larvae in swimming mode making them unable to attach to the hull and other hard structures. It is an organic, non-metal compound that delivers efficacy at minute concentrations (0.1% w/w) in a marine coating. I-Tech’s vision is to establish Selektope® as the leading alternative biocide to prohibit hard biofouling in an effective and sustainable way. Read more on their website External link, opens in new window. or in their press release External link, opens in new window..