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News | 2016-05-13

Marinfloc AB becomes a user of Clean Shipping Index

The Clean Shipping Network is now open for companies that provide solutions to improve the environmental performance of vessels. Previously, the membership was limited to cargo owners and forwarders, who evaluate the environmental performance of ships and shipping companies during their procurement process. Marinfloc AB External link, opens in new window. is a Swedish company specialized in waste and water treatment systems for marine applications and is the first supplier to join.

Clean technology providers such as Marinfloc can offer solutions to shipowners in their efforts to improve their environmental footprint. When applied, the use of such equipment will show as an elevated score on the Clean Shipping Index in the Water and Waste section, sais Merijn Hougee, director of the Clean Shipping Index.

About Marinfloc

Since the start 1994, Marinfloc is the leader in innovative systems and solutions for treatment of waste water on ships and offshore units. Their treatment equipment include bilge water, drill slop, black and grey water and oily sludge. The success is found in the company’s knowledge and long experience in marine engineering. Marinfloc takes pride in the fact that all Marinfloc technology is thoroughly developed on board ships and offshore installations to meet on board conditions and not just to fulfill regulations. The flocculation technology is used in most of their systems as it is proven to be the far most effective method to clean water, Marinfloc claims.