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Mobile adapted Svetsa Rätt (Welding Right) for easier use

The Svetsa Rätt website is used in work environment work at companies that work with welding, but also in welding training. It was added to help welders to safer welding. This project will further develop and mobile adapt the site to make the information more accessible.

The website Svetsa Rätt was launched in 2012 and is well visited. It is used both by welding companies and in the training of welders. Svetsa Rätt shows with many concrete examples, and based on current research, how a good working environment contributes to efficient production with high quality and also how a poor working environment can impair both quality and productivity.

This further development project of the website includes several different parts. Among other things, it will be expanded with information on welding at temporary workplaces, for example construction sites. In addition, information must be provided on how common accidents in connection with welding due to "lost control of hand tools" can be prevented.

The website will be developed to be easier to use, among other things by being responsive and can be used in mobile phones, but also by developing a Svetsa Rätt app. Via the app, welders and others must have quick and easy access to the information available on the website, in a way that is also possible to adapt to different groups of users. Development of the website is done in consultation with a reference group, but also with teachers in welding training and a knowledge test on the working environment during welding must be developed.

The project's goal is to increase the use of the Svetsa Rätt website so that it will function better as support in the training of welders and for a good working environment, for example at temporary welding workplaces.

Project facts

  • Mobile adapted Svetsa Rätt for easier use
  • Budget: 2,8 MSEK
  • Financed: AFA Försäkring
  • Period: 2017 - 2021

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Last updated: 2021-08-11

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