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Vanlig undersida | 2023-03-31

PFAS analysis methods and forever numbers

This month talk imitator is Raed Awad from IVL, a researcher with a wide experience in the PFAS analysis and method developments.

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Raed Awad from IVL briefed us on the different analysis methods.

PFAS 4, PFAS 11, PFAS 21, PFAS 24, PFAS200... and forever numbers of PFAS analysis.

What analysis is suitable for different matrices, what are the challenges for the sample takers and labs, how big is the gap between analysis of target PFAS and unverifiable PFAS in different matrices.

Title: PFAS analysis methods and forever numbers.

Talk initiator: Raed Awad, Researcher, IVL Swedish Environmenal Research Institute

Presentation: PDF Pdf, 807.5 kB.

Contact to the talk initiator: Raed.Awad@ivl.se