Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues and Other Priority Contaminants in the Effluent of Sewage Treatment Plants

Compilation of what types of pharmaceutical residues and other priority substances that can be found in wastewater, how they affect the recipient, how they can be removed etc.

Medarbetare: Klara Westling, Christian Baresel

Nyckelord: pharmaceutical residues, wastewater treatment, priority substances

Typ: Proceedings/konferensbidrag

År: 2016

Rapportnummer: C148

Författare: Christian Baresel, Heléne Ejhed, Klara Westling, Uwe Fortkamp, Jörgen Magnér, Ann-Sofie Allard, Anna Palm Cousins, Hörsing, M., Allard, A.S., Wahlberg, C., Söhr, S,

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