Tailoring and assessment of wastewater treatment processes


Life cycle assesment and life cycle costs of different tailored treatment technologies for industrial wastewaters such as food industry wastewater, landfill leachate and pharmaceutical industry wastewater.

Medarbetare: Klara Westling, Christian Junestedt, Mats Almemark

Nyckelord: Wastewater treatment, LCA, LCC, industrial wastewater

Typ: Editerad bok

År: 2012

Rapportnummer: A2057

Författare: Mats Almemark, Mats Ek, Uwe Fortkamp, Christian Junestedt, Klara Westling, Maria Ekenberg

Publicerad i: Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater (INNOWATECH), IWA Publishing, ISBN: 1843393433