Climate and Air Pollution. - future challenges for the Nordic countries in relation to the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution and the EU - Summary of discussion at the NMR-HLG workshop . 9-10 October, 2008, Oslo, Norway


The Air and Sea Group under Nordic Council of Ministers (HLG-NMR) has for several decades actively supported the work within the Conven-tion on Long-Range Transport of Air Pollution (CLRTAP), and has sev-eral times contributed to the development of concepts and approaches that have turned out to be very useful in the development of air pollution abatement policies within the framework of CLRTAP. HLG-NMR has promoted the development of scientific and policy tools including atmospheric transport and deposition models, and the development of concepts such as Critical Loads, Gap Closure and the Multi-pollutant Multi-effect approach. This has also been important as a basis for corresponding activities in the European Union. The Air and Sea Group realizes that there is an ongoing need to fur-ther support the Convention and the Commission, in particular in the view of the importance of the interdependencies between air pollution and climate change. The workshop on future strategies held in Oslo 9-10 October 2008 had the overall aim to consider further pathways for the Convention as well as for the international collaboration in general and the role of the Nordic countries in this work. At the workshop the future development of the regional air pollution issues were discussed in view of new findings and the links to climate change. The workshop concluded that there is in-creasing evidence that air pollution in many regions significantly influ-ences climate change and that climate change will influence the occur-rence and effects of atmospheric pollutants. This report compiles the main findings and recommendations.

Medarbetare: Peringe Grennfelt

Nyckelord: air pollution, workshop

Typ: Artikel

År: 2010

Rapportnummer: A1815

Författare: Peringe Grennfelt, Öystein Hov

Publicerad i: Nordiska Ministerrådet, TemaNord 2009:535. ISBN 978-92-893-1871-6