A tool for calculating external costs associated with transportation of goods


This report presents a tool for calculating external costs for freight transportation. The calculations are made for different alternatives for transporting goods between two places. Each alternative comprise a number of routes. The user defines the routes and the tool calculates emissions and external costs. The external cost categories that are included are air pollution, climate change, congestion, noise, accidents, up & downstream, soil & water and nature. The values for external costs are taken from the literature. The report also describes the results of the calculations using the tool for a number of case studies.

Medarbetare: Martin Jerksjö, Erik Fridell

Nyckelord: costs, transport sector

Typ: Artikel

År: 2010

Rapportnummer: A1750

Författare: Erik Fridell, Martin Jerksjö, Christina Wolf, Mohammed Belhaj

Publicerad i: CDM, 2009:4. http://www.cpm.chalmers.se/document/reports/09/2009_4%20Transp%20calc%20to ol.pdf