Deliverable (D9) of work package 6 (WP6) CALCAS project. Sustainability decisions: practical survey


The report at hand is deliverable (D9) of WP6 of the CALCAS project. The overall objective with this deliverable is to identify decision-making situations, within four main stakeholder groups, where life cycle approaches is considered to play an important role as sustainability decision support. This survey targets the following main groups of stakeholders involved in public and/or private sustainability decision-making: - Public authorities, - Business (industry, retailers), - NGOs (incl. consumer associations), and - R&D programmers (national funding organizations and research institutes). This survey has also given some additional input that could benefit the CALCAS-project: stakeholders current use of life cycle approaches and its challenges; and, how stakeholders want life cycle approaches to develop in the future to become more useful in sustainability decision making. The results from this survey will function as input in the final deliverable of this WP (D19) in which we will identify and specify key research lines from a user perspective.

Medarbetare: Elin Eriksson, Tomas Rydberg

Nyckelord: Calcas, Sustainability decisions, Life-Cycle Analysis

Typ: Artikel

År: 2008

Rapportnummer: A1571

Författare: Tomas Rydberg, Andreas Öman, Inger Jöborn, Elin Eriksson, Mike Pitts, Sonia Valdivia, Roberto Buonamici, Paolo Masoni, Alessandra Zamagni, Adisa Azapagic, John Whittall, Henrik Vagt, Frieder Rubik

Publicerad i: Project no.037075. Project acronym: CALCAS. Co-ordination Action for innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability