Development trends in the worldns vast latecoming economies


Environmental technology has increasingly become a core interest in political, economic and scientific discourses during the early years of this millenium. The reason are obvious: in a period when people in the already industrilised ciountries ae facing challenges as regards resource depletion and environmental pollution, growth processes are taking off in severeal, primarly aAsien, countries thus speeding up the environmental degradation processes...................

Medarbetare: Östen Ekengren

Nyckelord: Strategy on Environmental Technology, Environmental Infrastructure, Environmental Infrastructure Components (EIC), Environmental Infrastructure Systems (EIS), Definitions, Global Development Trends, Population Trends, Urbanisation, Latecoming Economies, Trade Barriers, East Asian Corporatism, State Corporatism, Neo-Corporatism, Environmental Policy Development, Technology Transformation

Typ: Artikel

År: 2008

Rapportnummer: A1517

Författare: Pontus Cerin, Ulrik Axelsson, Östen Ekengren

Publicerad i: Umeå Universitetet, BA-publications 2007:196